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Sparkling Co. is an expert Company on Agile supply with dedicated teams of
Developers & Project managers directly by the client.

We also take care of coaching Agile to your Project Manager in order to manage
the development teams located on our Development Center and help other companies to become Agile.

Our Project Management


Our services


We make available to the client our experts


Otherwise we can coach your staff to become Agile


We provide and maintain a cyber Protect and Safe environment based on best advanced solutions:


Development remotely
Agile teams

On our Development Center the developers team works under the supervision of your Project Manager (we can provide the PM or we can form it and will run the operations from your office)


Company transformation
from traditional to Agile

Transforming the production reality from Waterfall in a modern Agile company where cooperation and focus on the product are the key factors. This is a process that needs a change in mentality, culture and methodology.

We help other companies by



Our Agile certification courses

More info: www.sparkling.academy


Scrum Fundamentals Certified

Scrum Developer Certified

Scrum Master Certified

SCRUMs Agile Master Certified

Scrum Product Owner Certified

Scaled Scrum Master Certified

Scaled Scrum Product Owner Certified

Expert Scrum Master Certified

  • ... a few references
    Tecnavia is a long established company, founded in 1975. We started out by creating a system that captured meteorological data for airports, an activity we still pursue today. From this sector, we gained an unparalleled expertise in managing and archiving large quantities of images.

    Innovation, reliability and commitment have guided us for over 20 years in the e-publishing industry. Naturally, this is something we are proud of, but are not yet satisfied. The constant succession of new technologies, solutions, and operating systems presents us with a rapid pace of development and new challenges every day.

  • ... a few references
    FANTASTIC Company is specialized in TRADING & FINANCIAL BETTING PLATFORMS in 3 different versions:

    FANTASTIC 1 platform is a trade station with traditional online Trading as well as innovative latest Financial Betting. The platform has been specifically implemented for bankers willing to offer their clients a privileged window on the markets. This version is specifically designed to satisfy the needs of financial professionals, is appealing and easy to operate.

    FANTASTIC 2 platform has been specifically designed to offer some smart and swift trading experience. The design is appealing, the ease use astonishing, and its features make it popular also among trading professionals.

    FANTASTIC 3 brings online Trading in the LIVE games world. This platform has been especially made for online gaming and gambling willing to offer their clients the chance to make real market transactions. This platform appeals for his compact design and the intuitive use.

  • ... a few references
    WeAreCasino is a real novelty in the online gaming industry. We’re a young and dynamic company, aiming to become one of the world's largest online casino gaming provider. We also provide games exclusively designed for some of the world's biggest operators! Our portfolio contains a wide range of HTML5 casino games, which showcase gorgeous graphics, animation and lightness, guaranteeing premium experience. WeAreCasinoowns a proprietary Gaming Engine, Remote Gaming Server, mathematic, RNGs and standard integration API, allowing clients to generate their personalized games.

    We also offer a selection of tools dedicated to other areas of the gaming industry (such as sports betting) and a number of third party products, which are already integrated and available with the same integration API.

    WeAreCasino games, servers and RNGs are certified by external testing houses in different jurisdictions.

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